Mullumbimby Masterplan

Dear Chamber members,

After six years of hard work by the community and Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce members, Byron Shire Council passed Our Mullumbimby Masterplan on the 12th of December last year.  This is a good plan, it is a blueprint on which we can now add rich detail. 

This masterplan does not lock in the future of Mullumbimby, what it does is create a guide to enable us the community to pursue important projects with the active support and resources of council. 

Additionally we can raise funds, through grants or crowd funding for supported projects and know there is unlikely to be resistance from the community or council.What’s in the masterplan? 

For those who are keen to look, go to:

I will in future newsletters and Chamber meetings outline some the important features, for now I will just mention five priority projects.

  • Burringbar Talking Street (A long term project)
  • Stuart Street Green Spine (A good project for 
  • Formalising the ‘Alternate Routes’
  • Placemaking Seed Projects
  • Storytrail – The Mullumbimby Storytrail will connect many existing community projects as a continuous walking and cycling trail around the town, that is marked by new storytelling art and interpretative information to tell real and imagined stories of Mullumbimby’s past and future.

Creative Mullumbimby will be taking the lead on the Storytrail in the first half of the year, hoping to create a plan that we can seek funding from council in the second half of this year. 

There is nothing fixed yet about the trail, it is a guide upon which we can now build with confidence council will support our efforts.

There is a great opportunity for the chamber to take the lead on other of these priority projects. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Regards Malcolm